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Fragile Power

A recent series of collaborations culminated in four works shown at a group exhibition at the Florence Arts Centre running from 6th November to 19th December. Exhibition RE:FORM. An exhibition by Art Crit North Cumbria. Florence Arts Centre: 6th November – 18th December 2021. RE:FORM is a collaborative project which asked artists to make aContinue reading “Fragile Power”

A tiny sketch: “Translation”

This short post describes some idea fragments that feel as if they might be developed from a simple sketch here into something more interesting, related to notions of “translation” in different forms. The work started from a group workshop at university (#weareoca) that asked us to work with “translation” in a couple of ways: firstlyContinue reading “A tiny sketch: “Translation””


In a quest to find the right place for technology in my artistic practice, I’m realising that the point may simply be that I can “do more” using computer-aided tools than is possible by hand. For a recent project I found a place for some simple software in analysing the spectrum of a piece ofContinue reading “Music”

The Imperfect Robot

I’ve been researching Harold Cohen’s work recently. He was an acclaimed “traditional” painter until discovering computers when he changed track to pursue work made with a floor-roaming, pen-wielding wheeled robot controlled by his AARON software, which seems like his investigation into the mechanics of painting. He made work in this way from the 1960s toContinue reading “The Imperfect Robot”


I’m interested in the behaviour of fluids in relation to complexity theory, particularly the way that emergent behaviours can arise from large systems of simple elements. Think of water, a simple molecule, uninteresting except perhaps for a charge difference between its ends. Then think of huge ocean waves rolling into shore… you’d never imagine thatContinue reading “Fluid”


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Hi, I’m Steve. I’ve grown up bringing science, technology and art together in different ways and within the last few years have been working on studies in fine art with the Open College of the Arts. My practice is wide-ranging in terms of media and process, but it tends to be rooted in some aspect of how our reality functions. My work results in tactile objects or in virtual experiences.


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