A tiny sketch: “Translation”

This short post describes some idea fragments that feel as if they might be developed from a simple sketch here into something more interesting, related to notions of “translation” in different forms. The work started from a group workshop at university (#weareoca) that asked us to work with “translation” in a couple of ways: firstlyContinue reading “A tiny sketch: “Translation””


A university assignment related to “collage as drawing” sent me running off to make a generative collage-making machine. While exploring the idea of gollage made using a software-assist, I encountered Ben Bogart’s Dreaming Machine #3, which started me thinking about how our eyes and brain perceive the world. When we look at an object, there’sContinue reading “Perception/Collage”


A long development process went into a series of hybrid monoprint/linoprints that took me from painting to drawing to printmaking, being led all the way by the materials. An exciting process to go through. It started with a painting made with household and acrylic paints on paper, inspired by Hieronymous Bosch’s The Garden of EarthlyContinue reading “0xFFD8FFEE”